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Tangled Web Magazine is a speculative fiction and Tartan Noir magazine featuring dark, twisty stories that explore the tangled web of our lives. We love stories with a sense of intrigue, stories that make us feel, that challenge us, that leave us wanting more. 


We publish quarterly, and we’re open to submissions all year round. 


One thing unites all the creative work in our magazine and that is the inspiration it draws from Scotland. Not the Scotland of shortbread tins and guided tours of Edinburgh, but the darker, bleaker Scottish psyche, the cold and barren landscape, and the twisted, sometimes tragic stories we have to tell.

This is a Scottish magazine, but it is not exclusively a magazine for Scottish writers. We're open to all, and we particularly welcome submissions from previously unpublished or traditionally underrepresented writers. All we ask is your work is in line with the brooding atmosphere of Tartan Noir or darker, meditative varieties of speculative fiction.

We currently cannot pay our contributors, but we hope to be in a position to change this in the future. 


Interested in fantasy fiction?

Check out our new sister publication, Mirk.

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