Lyndsey Croal

Lyndsey is an Edinburgh-based writer of speculative and strange fiction. She is a Scottish Book Trust New Writers Awardee, and her work has been published in several anthologies and magazines, including Mslexia's Best Women's Short Fiction 2021. Her debut audio drama 'Daughter of Fire and Water' was produced by Alternative Stories & Fake Realities in 2021 and is currently on the 2022 British Fantasy Awards shortlist for Best Audio. Find her on Twitter as @writerlynds or via 



Andrew James Greig

Andrew James Greig’s first book, Whirligig, was listed for the CWA New Blood Dagger Award and shortlisted for the McIlvanney Prize 2020. The second in the series, A Devil's Cut, was released in 2021. In September, A Song of Winter will be published – an environmental thriller set in Scotland.

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Zachary Shiffman

Zachary Shiffman is a fiction writer from New Jersey. He has been published in Catfish Creek, RiverCraft, Variety Pack, and elsewhere. 

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Craig Aitchison

Craig Aitchison has a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Stirling. His fiction has appeared in Lallans, Fictive Dream, Northwords Now, Southlight, Wyldblood and Pushing Out the Boat. He has won the Sangschaw award for short fiction in Scots and been shortlisted for the Wigtown Poetry Prize for Scots. He has had poetry published in Poetry Scotland and was commissioned by the Scottish Poetry Library to write a poem celebrating 250 years of Sir Walter Scott. He was recently chosen as a Scottish Mountaineering Press Creative. In 2022 his work will feature in New Writing Scotland and the Fly on the Wall Press anthology, ‘Demos Rising.’

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Nina Patterson

Homecoming is the first story Nina has written, and she is delighted that it has been included in the magazine as ‘Tartan Noir’ is one of her very favourite genres.  Nina has always been an avid reader and loves stories that are unpredictable, psychologically compelling, mystical and a little off kilter!  She was born in Aberdeen but spent her childhood overseas (mainly Asia) before returning to Scotland aged 17 to attend Edinburgh University where she studied Psychology.  At this time Nina’s parents returned to live permanently in the Shetland Islands.  She has visited Shetland every summer holidays since childhood and worked for Shetland Health Board for several years in the late 90s.  She currently lives in Chester with her husband and two teenage children and is a Lecturer in Public Health, Mental Health and Wellbeing at Glyndwr University in Wrexham, North Wales.  Shetland is the place that most encapsulates ‘home’ for Nina and the places in the story hold many special memories for her (Hildasay was owned by her late Uncle).  The dramatic landscape and weather of the Islands created the perfect canvas for a story centred on the give and take between the land and the sea. 


Ross Alexander

Ross Alexander is a Scottish author who writes crime thriller novels and short stories. Procrastinating about writing until his mid-thirties, he started work on an idea and shared it with his friend (and now permanent test reader). Following startling positive feedback, he completed his debut novel 'Alive' which was self-published in 2016. Since then, he has written and published 2 further books. Ross has also had several short stories published by Darkstroke Books. Ross lives in East Lothian with his wife, two grown-up children and a rescued Lurcher. Find out more at www.rossalexwriter.com

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Malcolm Timperley

Malcolm Timperley studied medicine at Liverpool University, and after more years than he likes to remember as a psychiatrist, is now a writer and heritage steam railway signalman, living in the Highlands of Scotland. He has published non-fiction (railway history), comedy (he was short-listed at the 2020 Edinburgh International Flash Fiction Awards) and horror (lately in Horla, Frost Zone and "206 Word Stories: A Horror Anthology" by Bag of Bones Press, amongst other places). He also presents his tales live, most recently at the 2022 Edinburgh International Book Festival. He haunts Twitter @MalTimperley.

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