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Craig Kelly, Co-founder, Editor-in-Chief

Craig Kelly is the editor-in-chief of Tangled Web Magazine. A self-confessed book addict, he previously worked as a copyeditor and proofreader, sat on the board of an academic publisher, and continues to wrestle with a never-ending PhD. 


He spends his days in the world of political communications where his columns and news articles have been published in local and national newspapers. 


A native of Scotland, Craig spent five years living in the Nordic countries where he developed a passion for dark, gritty crime fiction.  


Julie Ford, Co-founder, Deputy Editor

Julie Ford is a founding member of Tangled Web Magazine. A keen enthusiast for the art of creative writing, Julie works as an English teacher by day, while battling with an insomniac toddler by night. 


Before joining the teaching profession, she spent many years working as a communications officer at both Holyrood and Westminster. 


Julie is an eclectic and demanding reader who can be found juggling several books, short stories, and a lesson plan all at once. 

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Yvonne Miller, Book Reviewer

Yvonne Miller is a book hoarder. She often practices the art of buying more books before she's finished the ones she actually owns. She frequently carries out beta and alpha reading work and enjoys being an advocate for Indie Horror. Yvonne is still slogging away at her own novel which proves to be a battle of wills. 


She spends her days being a mother of chaos, parenting three boys can't be described as anything but that. Carer to her eldest boy who has a rare genetic condition. 


She is a multi-genre reader who has a strong affinity for horror stories because there is some peace in knowing how dark the human condition can be. 

Check out Yvonne's book review blog here.

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The team at Tangled Web Magazine are supported by a group of friends and colleagues that span Scotland and Scandinavia – people with extensive experience in journalism, political communications, and pr, and all with a shared love of reading. Some of them might even be convinced to get a dodgy black and white headshot to post here soon.