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We have news. Our online and digital editions will always be free to read for everyone.

From the beginning, we wanted Tangled Web Magazine to become a paying market for our authors. But we took the hard decision not to rush into that given the huge expense involved in setting up and running a literary magazine. We didn’t want our magazine to follow the path of so many others and disappear shortly after launch.

It's a fate that’s befallen far too many magazines with great potential, and even some that have been around for years.

That’s why we originally planned to shift to a subscription model from our second issue on. Asking readers to make a small contribution to enjoy Tangled Web Magazine was going to help us cover costs and become a paying market.

But, putting financial barriers in the way of accessing great writing just doesn’t sit right with us. It would hurt our authors by limiting their audience, make it harder for them to share their work, and ultimately it wouldn’t be right for our readers.

That’s why we’ve decided to scrap that idea. From now on, all online and digital issues of Tangled Web Magazine will be free for everyone to enjoy.

Where does that leave paying our authors? Well, we have a new plan, inspired by the model we’ve set up for our sister publication, Mirk. Once a year, we will publish an extended edition that will only be available in print. It will technically be an anthology of Tangled Web Magazine, and all the stories and articles will be new. Contributors will receive a pro rata share of the earnings from these annual editions.

And we’re not finished there. It might take us a little longer to get there, but we still plan to start paying contributors to our quarterly digital issues. That’s why we’re going to ask our readers to consider supporting us on Patreon. This will help keep the magazine going, and as soon as we’re no longer relying on cash injections from our editors, then we’ll start paying our authors.

It might not happen tomorrow, but this is the path we're now on, and we'd love you to join us on this journey.

That means there is immediately a paying opportunity for writers through our annual print edition, we have a plan in place to shift to a becoming a paying market for digital issues, and our online content will always be free to read.

We make that a win, win, win.

There's lots of benefits to being a patron of Tangled Web Magazine, with different rewards aimed at readers and writers. Plus, you'll have a key role in the evolution of our mag! Find out more at:

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